As the date for the Mud Master trail looms and the excitement starts to build, we want you to be well prepared and ready to conquer the course, so here is some advice and tips to help you train and get ready.


Limber up and train! Ultimately the course is designed for you to get down and dirty and have fun, but we don’t want you to get stuck in a rut and not be able to complete the course! Be aware of the obstacles you might face and what you might need to do to overcome them – train with running, strength training and plenty of functional training like push-ups, pull-ups, and bear crawls. 

 If you want to ‘Master the Mud’ it’s best to get ahead of the game and be prepared. But when the day comes, if you feel like an obstacle will push or test your body beyond what it can realistically do, there is no problem with taking a detour and avoiding that challenge.


Hydrate! Make sure you have got plenty of H2O to hand, before and after the race! You will be getting wet and wild during the course but make sure your body is hydrated and ready to tackle the trial. Refreshments will be available on site but just to be sure, bring your own bottle for when you need to quench that thirst. 


Your body is a machine, and it needs fuel – especially as you will be testing your strengths with the obstacles and runs. The food you eat before a workout can not only affect your performance but also your comfort! Eating the right foods will help keep your energy up and ensure that your performance does not suffer throughout the day. 

Try to stick to breakfast meals and products you have used in the build up to the race; porridge, toast, cereal, bagels, and fruit juice are all great choices. If you feel you need an energy boost, snacks can also be helpful! Most people can eat small snacks right before exercise, but the key is how you feel and what you feel your body needs. Do what works best for you.


Get yourself a ‘boost’ buddy! Not only will having an extra pair of hands help when heaving over and crawling under obstacles, but the support of the person also attached to those hands can be a massive boost. Having a supportive buddy running along side you can who keeps you motivated, and visa versa, can help you conquer the course and gives you that extra push when you might need it.


Outfit change. Do not forget to pack a change of shoes, a towel and some spare clothes! The Mud Master aims to be muddy, but we don’t want you caked and cold after completing the course. There will be unisex changing rooms when you can get out of your wet clothes and into a fresh, dry set. Bring a plastic bag too so your soggy threads won’t spread the muck when you pack them away.

Whether you decide to run in work out clothes or choose to costume up – be aware that the more clothes you wear means more weight as you complete the course and get wet. Think about how restricting your outfit might be if you pick fancy dress – will things get caught or snag? Think about the material and how absorbent it might be and how this might hold you back.

Shoes are important! We wouldn’t suggest wearing your best but make sure they are comfortable and sturdy. The terrain and the obstacles require grip so put your best foot forward and be prepared with reliable shoes!



First aid kit

Hand Sanitizer